#44 Filipino nurses フィリピン人看護師


It is almost a year since I left the hospital. The other day, the doctor who read my medical report said that my recovery situation is miraculous. It was a disease condition that recovery cannot be expected even after surgery.

I am deeply grateful that I was able to return to practice supported by many Aikido friends.

What I remembered in particular during my hospitalization is the wonderful work of Filipino nurses. They were very enthusiastic about work and their reputation from patients was also very good. They sometimes finished work at 11PM and came back to work at 7AM next day.

Especially 70% of the nurses in the intensive care unit (ICU) were Filipino nurses. If they don't exist, NZ hospitals cannot exist. A veteran Filipino nurse was the best in both medical skills and knowledge.

Even though they were very busy they didn't get irritated or complain. I thought that their bright and kind attitude to the patients was very beautiful. It seemed to be told that it's all up to you whether you are happy or not.

I'd like to thank again for their kindness and wonderful work.

Thanks for reading.

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[ フィリピン人看護師 ]









テーマ : 合気道
ジャンル : スポーツ

#20 Depth in my life 人生の深み


I am not aware of much, but the way of thinking may change slightly if you confront death even once.

I am thinking that death is also a part of life, and the negative feeling like "I don’t want to die" is gone. It doesn't mean I gave up on life, and I would like to say thank you to the people I met while thanking for being alive today.

When the second surgery was decided, the doctor who performed the first surgery seemed regrettable and explained me the condition of the sickness. After that I never saw him again, but I believe he did his best. If I have a chance to see him again I want to tell him that I still appreciate his effort.

It was a bitter experience, but I want to take it as the experience that gave me depth in my life.

Thank you for reading.





テーマ : 合気道
ジャンル : スポーツ

#14 The life that was saved by people 皆さんに救われた命


Twelve weeks have passed since I left the hospital. I was worried about my two-time heart surgery, but now I will be able to return to practice in a few weeks. Thank you very much for your encouragement. I won't forget the feelings of gratitude.

In return, I want to tell you my thoughts about the heart surgery. I would be happy if it helps.

1. Physical strength:
I strongly felt that a result of the surgery depends on the amount of your physical strength. If you have the enough physical strength against the surgery, the hospital is able to make a good surgery plan. If you don't have it, your surgery would be postponed repeatedly. I underwent the heart surgery twice in two weeks. It wasn’t a plan, but I was trying to have recovery of physical strength as much as possible during the two weeks. Even if there was no appetite I ate by force, and I practiced walking as much as possible once I became able to walk.

2. Keep positive thinking:
When your body is connected to many tubes in the bed of the hospital, uneasiness and fear will attack you. At such time, I strongly thought that I absolutely return to the Aikido training, and I repeated the magic words “I won't give in” in a quiet voice. Before entering the operating room, my family said to me "see you soon" with a smile. Then, my mind became 100% positive and all fear completely disappeared. I think that there is the method in various ways, but I recommend that you practice the method regularly to keep positive thinking, if possible.

3. Deep breathing and relax:
When you undergo heart surgery, your rib cage is spread open and the heart and lung are stopped. Blood is detoured through a heart-lung machine. After the surgery, it is necessary for you to expand the lung again. If you fail to this, a part of your lungs wouldn't be restored. You may have a strong pain, but please do your best. It is scientifically proved that all things including a human are formed by energy. Take a deep breath and feel expansion of energy. Then you can be relaxed.

Economists and school teachers often tell you that you should look ahead to the far-off future. But, I think people's minds are different. The best way to get rid of fear is to make purpose of the near future rather than the far-off future, and to realize happiness in your hands. If you have an experience of the long night in the cold hospital, you know it.




1. 体力をつけること

2. ポジティブな考えで心を満たすこと

3. 深呼吸の有益さ



テーマ : 合気道
ジャンル : スポーツ



初心者にも分かりやすく、理論的に基礎知識を説明します。なんとなく他人の動きを真似るのではなく、普段から考える力を育てていくことを目的としています。In this blog, I explain the basics in a theoretical way that is easy to understand for beginners. The aim is to help you to develop your ability to think, not to copy the movements somehow. Aikido is not magic. I will explain things that are not so clear, such as Ki and O-Sensei's philosophy.