#91 How to enjoy Aikido - 合気道の楽しみ方


1. First step to learning soft movements:

The secret to enjoying martial arts is to gradually overcome the fear of pain. The first fear for Aikido beginners is probably the practice of Ukemi. At first the body shrinks and stiffens, so the body falls from the back and hips to the floor.

However, if you have the courage to practice Ukemi repeatedly, you will get better at it and your movements will become softer and the impact will lessen. With the support of your instructor and senior members, develop a little courage. This is the first step to learning soft movements.

2. How to learn throwing techniques:

Modern Judo practices positively introduce sports science, while also valuing traditional principles. The first two things Judo beginners are taught by their instructors are that "if you are going to throw someone, you must be prepared to be thrown", and that "throwing techniques are learnt while being thrown". This is exactly what it means to learn by doing.

These two principles also apply to Aikido, of course. By having someone of a higher level throw you, you learn the four elements of Awase (joining); timing, positioning, speed and tempo. Also, as Aikido is not about knocking down your opponent, you will learn the key points to safely apply techniques and throws.

Those who have learnt how to throw while being thrown a lot have the habit of observing their Nage well, so their movements are soft and naturally safety-conscious. Therefore, they will be able to enjoy dynamic movements with anyone. On the other hand, those who have not learnt the point of view of Uke, move in a forceful and stiff manner, and their egos are often seen. To enjoy beautiful Aikido, it is important to feel that it is also fun to be thrown.

3. Beginners' goals for enjoyment:

Frankly speaking, practice that teaches only throwing movements is casual practice that does not require patience. All the Uke has to do is to take a step to the side and do a Ushiro-ukemi, and such practice only makes you lazy.

In Aikido, there is always Awase (joining) between the Nage and the Uke, and the Uke's movements are more dynamic than the Nage, requiring more hard work. This is where the true enjoyment of Aikido can be found. Of course, everyone is in a different health condition and enjoys Aikido in a different way. But I think it is the role of seniors to show beginners and children the direction they are aiming for.

If you enjoy Nage's move but not Uke's move, it is the same as enjoying only half of Aikido. The most effective way to correct such a practice environment is to examine proficiency of Uke skills during the examination. Then everyone's awareness will change.

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[ 合気道の楽しみ方 ]

1. 柔らかな動きを習得する第一歩:



2. 投げ技の学び方:




3. 初心者が目指す楽しみ方:





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初心者にも分かりやすく、理論的に基礎知識を説明します。なんとなく他人の動きを真似るのではなく、普段から考える力を育てていくことを目的としています。In this blog, I explain the basics in a theoretical way that is easy to understand for beginners. The aim is to help you to develop your ability to think, not to copy the movements somehow. Aikido is not magic. I will explain things that are not so clear, such as Ki and O-Sensei's philosophy.